The Senator, 1950s Realness

KevinBaconIf you are from a small town you know there is something oddly soothing about a local, down to earth diner. Sometimes it is nice to just sit and decompress from a stressful day somewhere the food is suspiciously cheap and every menu option can come with fries, even the salad. If you are a busy Ryerson student looking for that little slice of fifties America then look no further than The Senator.

Located Just down the street from the over priced Johnny Rockets, the Senator is everything you want in a diner; namely cheap eats, friendly staff and all day pancakes. Seriously, I can’t think of any stressful school situations, which cannot be improved by eating your body weight in pancakes smothered in maple syrup.

The price point of the Senator, while not the cheapest place around, is still low enough to keep it accessible to the average student. But lets face it folks, you are not going to the Senator because it is cheap, or because you are expecting great food. You are going because you want to feel like you have stepped out of the sad spiral of pain and frustration that is mid-term season and walked into the 1950’s, a simpler time when everything moved slower and people were not quite as big jerks. The Senator fits the bill perfectly, its décor, its choice of music, it’s weird breakfast bar, everything in this place feels like it was ripped straight out of the past.

And while all of that is great It is from the staff that you really get your monies worth at the Senator. All of the staff is super personable and genuinely want you to have a nice day. On more than one occasion I had them bring me a complementary piece of cake because I looked like I was having a bad day. (Little known fact: the fastest way to turn around a bad day is getting free carrot cake.) All in all a sweet and comforting slice of the past for when the world feels like it is getting to be too much.

Check them out!!


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