Lucullus, Elm street’s Best Kept Secret


Looking for a better way to spend you lunch break?

Just a 5-minute walk from the heart of Ryerson Campus, is one of the quietest, loveliest, and most affordable bakeries in down town Toronto. The food at Lucullus is presented beautifully, made with real ingredients, and most importantly astoundingly delicious.

Their lunch menu, which is really what you should be going there for, is absolutely fantastic, for a mere 8$ you can get a hearty, fresh made soup of your choice and a delectable sandwich on fresh made bread. There are enough different soup and sandwich options to keep even your most gluten-free-organic-vegan-hippie friends happy.

From the moment you step in the massive oak-and-glass door you smell the of fresh baked bread makes you feel like that midterm you just bombed never even happened. As you walk down body of the restaurant, the baked goods and the pleasant golden lights that line the walls make you feel like you have stepped into some weird hipster nirvana.

All in all; the wonderful eclectic aesthetics, the friendly staff, the fantastic food, and the frankly astonishingly low prices make Lucullus one of my favorite lunch spots in the city.

Oh and did I mention that there is a 15% student discount on your 8$ lunch,

Now I am not much for fancy mathematics but if I punch those numbers into my calculator it gives me a happy face.


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