El Trompo


Stepping into El Trompo, I was instantly transported from the cold Toronto evening, to the tropics of Mexico. The restaurant was small but was definitely not lacking in spirit. I was surrounded by Mexican culture. From my seat, I could appreciate the top to bottom decorations including vibrant table clothes, a hat rack of sombreros in the corner and Mexican antiques lining the walls. To drink, I ordered a traditional sweet rice milk beverage called harachata. It’s smooth texture reminded me of melted ice cream.

To eat, the options were endless. You could have tacos, fajitas, chorizo, or even molten cheese dip with flour tortillas. My friend ordered the restaurant specialty, the Al Pastor, a Mexican style taco filled with pork, pineapple and coriander. I got the veggie Quesongo, filled with mushrooms, sautéed onions and melted cheese. When it arrived, the presentation was adorable. Four little corn tortillas still hot from the oven, lined up one after another on the plate. We added some of the housemade spice sauce and tucked in.

Overall, the food was delicious. The flavours in both tortillas matched the vibrancy of the décor, and there was enough food to fill you up, but not so much you felt overwhelmed. Each entrée’s average price was approximately ten dollars a person, definitely affordable for a student budget. !!!!!!However, a caution, if your meal is any less than ten dollars they will only accept cash!!!!. Just a little heads up for all you debit reliant students.

If you are ever in Kensington Market and in the mood for a little taste of Mexico, then I suggest going to El Trompo for some good affordable eats.



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