It’s Lunch Time! Liberty Noodles



Chaos. This is the best way to describe lunchtime in downtown Toronto. Waves of pedestrians as far as the eye can see. But, amidst all this disorder, there is a ray of shining light: Liberty Noodles.

Located in the Urban Eatery, Liberty Noodles is modern, Japanese cuisine that boasts a slogan of “no msg, no trans fats and no peanuts”. They offer a variety of items on their menu ranging from sushi to rice stir-fry to soup.

All are delicious.

My favourite by far is the Chili Chicken Udon, one of the items marked as “most liked” on the menu. After one bite, it is obvious why. The dish is the perfect marriage of chicken, udon noodles and fresh vegetables. The semi-sweet, semi spicy chili sauce adds just enough kick to keep it interesting. The generous portion size is also well worth the $7.95.

The lengthy line passes by quickly as you watch expertly trained kitchen staff prepare your meal. Each dish is executed meticulously with extreme care and a smile. This makes Liberty Noodle stand out among a multitude of Asian style fast food restaurants in the downtown core.

When hunger strikes, The Starving Student heads to Liberty Noodle.

Check out for the full menu (how about bacon kimchi fried rice?)



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