Review: It’s All Grk


The wrap. shawarma. GYRO. We all know the delectable, mouth watering guilty pleasure food is a staple of the (potentially intoxicated) student. The only problem is choosing which place to go to. If you’re in the mood during the day to get your mouth on something of that genre we have two things to say:

1. Skip the Shawarma

2. Go Greek

Really though, if you are going to the Ali Baba’s on Dundas and Church look right next door and discover It’s All Grk (Greek). The little hole-in-the-wall location offers pork, chicken, beef, and veggie pita wraps, there is something for everyone. All pitas are under $8 and so mouth watering and juicy, you’ll forget about the price right when they hand it to you.

I am a sucker for the classic chicken pita. Its got that perfect roasted chicken taste dripping with tzatziki veggies and, wait for it, french fries. I was confused too at first. But the lightly paprika’d frites add the perfect, magical texture and apparently very authentic!

If you’re a little more hungry they offer plates with rice and even full dinners (What’s up YaYa?)  Check out their website for a full menu.




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